Web Comic: That Thing Called ‘Private’ Part III

“If some parts of our body are ‘private’, are the others ‘public’?”

Sana’s question has Mummy and daddy truly stumped. In the third and final episode of our web comic “That Thing Called ‘Private'”, the parents finally join forces. But can they get their heads around the question, over their inhibitions and into appropriate words? And if they do, will it answer their darling daughter Sana’s infinite curiosity?

Scroll down to find out.
(Click to read episode 1 and episode 2)

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 3.09.44 pm

Is this the ‘happily ever after’ for Mummy, Daddy and Sana? Or is it just the beginning?

As we all know, children’s questions are like earthworms. When you split one, you have two to deal with.

But the loving parent is always around, keeping up the times, making that connect with their children and finding the right words to give them the right kind of information. The loving parent never judges. They know that it is never the child’s fault.

It isn’t easy being a loving parent. But nobody ever said that it was an option.

As always, we dedicate this comic to loving parents everywhere.

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