A powerful tool to initiate dialogue.


A suitable and sensitive video can help you to initiate a conversation about sex, sexuality and child sexual abuse with any group in any setting. In this section we bring together acclaimed and powerful videos made by national and international agencies that deal with this issue in a sensitive and lucid manner. You can pair these videos with the resources found on our ‘Child Safety and You’ pages.


Perpetrators of Child Sexual Abuse are Mostly Individuals Known to The Child


A powerful PSA that uses poetry to break the silence on a little known fact about child sexual abuse: that most perpetrators are individuals known to the child.

Recommended for teenagers and adults.

More than Half The Women in Brothels Are Just Girls


Over 50% of women involved in the sex trade are minors. Commercial Sexual Exploitation entraps thousands of girls each year in a vicious circle of abuse.

Child Sexual Abuse Is Always Disguised As A Game


Children who are victims of sexual offences or those who are being groomed for abuse, do not realize that they are in an abusive relationship with the perpetrator. The perpetrator tries normalize the abuse and desensitize the child.

When children say NO, do we listen to them?

(1:59 min/Hindi)

When a child say’s NO to go to a place or to meet a particular person do we respect the child’s decision? In this short video the young boy is hesitant to go to his football practice, but the mother insists on him going. Adults must understand why children shy away from certain things, there could be a possibility of abuse.

Recommended for parents

Do you like children in ways you shouldn’t?

(0:33 min/German with English Subtitles)

Everyone is responsible for their own behavior. Do you like children in ways you shouldn’t? Do you want to do something about this? The Prevention Network based in Germany offers free and confidential treatment in Germany for people with their sexual preference for children and/or early adolescents.

Recommended for citizens

Teachers and Parents must look out for Warning Signs

(10:15 min/English)

Parents, schools and teachers need to be alert and look out for warning signs that children exhibit. In this film Ashwini struggles to tell about the ongoing abuse by a family member. A sensitive teacher in school finds out, intervenes and also advocates for a full time school counsellor for prevention of sexual abuse of other children in school.

To watch the video in Telugu Click here

Remember to Listen to Your Children. It Helps Us Know What They’re Going Through

(1:34 min/Hindi,English)

Adults often fail to comprehend when the child is reaching out to them. Children feel that they may be judged and that the blame will be directed at them.If the abuser is family or family friend, the child may not want to cause a falling out among the elders. A majority of the cases of Child Sexual Abuse may go unrecognized unless we are aware and look for signs that may be suggestive.

Insufficient and insenstive response mechanism is one of the major reasons why people don’t want to report Child Sexual Abuse in India

(4:16 min/Hindi,English)

Children are abused in institutions and homes. It’s mandatory to report the case to the police as per the new law in India, but we need to ensure that the system is sensitive to our children and families. This Human Right’s Watch documentary showcases the lapse in the system at different levels, it asks for amendments and proper implementation of the exisiting policies.

Stop Child Sexual Abuse by calling for help

(0:20 min/Tamil)

An appeal in Tamil by UNICEF Malaysia to stop Child Sexual Abuse by calling their helpline.

Silence is detrimental to child protection. Families, societies and countries need to break the silence.

(24:12 min/Tamil)

A detailed documentary in Tamil helps us understand the causes, effects and solutions to child sexual abuse. It takes not one but many individuals and organisations to stand up and break the silence against abuse. We need to give children the space to talk about their feelings, sex and sexual abuse.

Recommended for NGOs, Parents and Teachers


Child Sexual Abuse: Perpetrator Threatening The Reporter


Often when a case of child sexual abuse is reported, the perpetrator attempts to threaten or pressurize the victim or even the reporter so that they may withdraw the case.

Recommended for teenagers and adults.

How Can A Young Child Know The Difference Between Love & Abuse?


Grooming is when someone builds an emotional connection with a child to gain their trust for the purposes of sexual abuse or exploitation. Children and young people can be groomed face-to-face or online, by a stranger or by someone they know. Groomers may be male or female and could be of any age. Many children and young people don’t understand that they have been groomed or that what has happened to them is a form of abuse. They may tend to feel that what is developing between them and the perpetrator is a ‘relationship’.

Recommended for teenagers and adults.

The Challenges of Reporting Child Sexual Abuse


Indian Law makes it mandatory for every citizen who knows of a case of child sexual abuse or is suspicious of a child being abused to report the case to the nearest police station. Reporting the crime can possibly help save a child’s life however there are many challenges that one encounters while doing so. A lot of it has to do with a general lack of sensitivity within systems that are meant to protect & safeguard the child victim.

Recommended for teenagers and adults.

Why Do Children Feel Guilty When They Are Victims of Abuse?


Children who are subject to sexual abuse do not find it easy to open up & talk abut it. This may be because they have a very real fear that if they talk about the abuse, they will be judged for it. This may also be because they have been groomed by the perpetrators into believing that they are in a relationship of ‘love’ with each other. Children are afraid that they may lose this ‘love’ if they speak up about the abuse.

Recommended for teenagers and adults.

Finding Out if A Child Is Being Sexually Abused


Child Sexual Abuse is an extremely sensitive issue. Identifying it is not a simple or straightforward process. Getting a child to talk about what is happening to them is more than a question-and-answer session. It requires you to be sensitive, mindful & even creative when interacting with a child.

Recommended for teenagers and adults.

Perpetrators of Child Sexual Abuse Are Mostly People Known to the Child


The film ‘Monsoon Wedding’ directed by Mira Nair sensitively portrays the prevalence of incest among Indian families. The films touches pun the power dynamics, silence around the issue and the need to listen to our children.

Recommended for teenagers and adults.

If a cop is a perpetrator, POCSO law calls for maximum punishment

(2:53 min/Hindi)

The film ‘Gunday’ (2014) shows the vulnerability of children during disaster situations and war. The scene in the film where a police officer i- charge of a relief camp tries to sexually assault a young boy showcases how people in the positions of power can misuse it to meet their selfish needs. The scene can help trainers while they work with police officers to begin a discussion around POCSO.

Recommended for adults

It happens all the time in our families. Rich and Poor.


The film ‘Highway’ sensitively showcases the trauma of a survivor of Child Sexual Abuse. The two scenes in the film where the protagonist Heera speaks out about her abuse to the kidnapper and confronts her abuser are recommended for trainers to help the group understand the trauma of a child and an adult survivor of sexual abuse.

Recommended for teenagers and adults.

Never blame children if they don’t tell you about sexual abuse. Blame yourself for not listening carefully.

(1:34 min/Hindi)

In India we are not comfortable talking to children about sex and sexuality. They are not comfortable telling us about sexual abuse.In this film a boy struggles to tell his parents about sexual abuse by his uncle.

Highly recommended for parents, teachers and every person who comes in contact with children.


Being Female, Male, Transgender or Fluid


Everyone has a gender identity and gender expression, even you! Gender identity is a person’s internal sense of being masculine, feminine or somewhere along the gender spectrum. Some people may not identify as just one gender or as a gender at all! (

Recommended for teenagers and adults.



Sexual consent means that two people are actively willing to engage in a particular sexual behavior and express their consent by saying “Yes! That is ok with me.” But just because someone consents to engage in one kind of behavior, doesn’t mean they have agreed to engaged in another. You have the right to change your mind about what you want or not want to do at any time!

Recommended for teenagers and adults.

Porn: Fact Or Fiction


When you’re on the internet you might end up on a website that features porn. Being curious about sex and human behavior is perfectly normal! But, you have to remember that porn features misleading messages like “bigger is better.” Don’t forget, porn is like many movies, it’s completely made up! (

Recommended for teenagers and adults.

Learning the Touching Rules Through Song & Stories


“Tickles and Hugs” is a guide for children to help them learn the touching rules through songs and stories of kids like them. Click here for the English version.

Recommended for Parents, Schools & Children.

Teach your kids how to be ‘Alert’ & take the safety quiz

(7:40 min/English)

A simple video with great visuals that explains what is ‘private’ parts and the different safety messages for children. A dragon teaches kids about ‘alone alert’, ‘touch alert’, ‘see alert’, ‘hold alert’ followed by a great safety quiz which you could conduct with young children. The simple language and clear messaging makes this a easy watch for young children.

Recommended for Parents, Teachers and Young Children

We always teach our children to share, Now let’s teach them to be #ShareAware.

(1:00 min/English)

Lucy loves to share everything with others. But little did she know that personal information and pictures are not to be shared online The video can help teach your children to be smart and aware when they share information online.

Recommended for young children, parents and teachers

Be #ShareAware. Let’s teach our children to be smart with their selfies & pictures.

(1:00 min/English)

When Sam and Alex take a picture of Alex’s willy (genitals) little did they know that this would go viral on the internet. The video can help teach your children to be smart and aware when they share information online.

Recommended for young children, parents and teachers

Running away from home might be an option for many teenagers. But where would you land?

(4:36 min/English)

Difficult circumstances at home, indifferent and abusive parents can push kids to take the option of running away from home. But where will you go. The film helps teenagers and young children think about the consequences of running away from home.

Recommended for teenagers, Parents and NGOs

Peer pressure leads to sex abuse and exploitation among teenagers. Choose your friends & hangout joints wisely.

(18:06 min/English)

The films exposes the vulnerability of a teenager when she succumbs to peer pressure. Lack of a safe and protective environment at home can be one of the reasons why teenagers end up in unsafe spaces. Parental supervision and guidance is needed to help teenagers make informed choices.

Recommended for teenagers and Parents

Every part of our body belongs to us, including our genitals. Let’s tell our children the same.

(4:16 min/English)

This film could help you talk to your kids about their body parts and make them understand that their body belongs to them. You can teach your children to be confident about their body parts, including their genitals. The film also explains the touching rules for prevention of sexual abuse.

Recommended for younger children, teachers, parents, NGOs, Caregivers


Teenagers are ‘EXPOSED’ to online sex abuse when they share private information online

(10:34 min/English)

The film ‘Exposed’ deals with the subjects of sexting and cyberbullying, issues that teenagers commonly face. The film is designed for 14 to 18 year olds. A young girl sends her private photos to her boyfriend. This one act and one ‘click’ leaves her exposed and vulnerable. 

Highly recommended for teenagers

5 Ways to Stop Cyberbullies


Learn quickly and easily 5 simple ways to protect yourself and your children from online bullying. These five tips are easy to remember and can help control the situation immediately.

Recommended for Parents, Teachers & Teenagers


Private & personal information posted on the internet is misused by predators

(7:47/Malayalam with English subtitles)

The film made by Bodhini highlights the increasing need for online safety among teenagers. Shikha is a young girl who is extremely active on social media and gets trapped by an online predator who misuses her private information she shares online. Unnoticed by her parents,luckily a teacher comes to her rescue.

Recommended for Parents & Teenagers

Let your kids go to this cyber café to learn about online safety


Click Here to Access

This interactive cyber café will help your children navigate through different options and make informed choices on the internet. We recommend this for parents and schools to teach their children about basic tips in online safety

Would you leave your front door open?


If we don’t do a lot of things offline, then why do we do it online? This film is highly recommended for parents and teenagers to understand the importance of boundaries in the online space. If we don’t leave our front door open, if we don’t talk to strangers in our real life then why do we do it in the online space?

Facebook is fun, but accepting random friend requests can land you in trouble

(1:42 min/English)

A simple action like accepting a friend request without knowing who the other person is can lead us to potentially vulnerable situations. This simple video will help kids understand the importance of accepting friend requests only from people whom we know well. Its also important to keep our information private.

Highly recommended for parents, children, schools, NGOs

A simple click is all it takes to be safe online. Be a papa Monkey guide your kids towards online safety.

(1:52 min/English)

A very simple video to teach your very young children some basic tips in online safety. A simple click on the
cancel button can help them be safe.

Highly recommended for parents, young children, teachers and NGOs

There is nothing private about the online world. It takes one smart move to keep ourselves safe.

(3:09 min/English)

Clare’s one smart move helped her be safe online. We must always think before our private information and private moments online. The film will help young girls understand the risks involved in online chatting with strangers.
Recommended for teenage girls and parents

Even boys are victims of online sex abuse. Never judge a book by its cover.

(4:01 min/English)

Matt thought he knew the girl who he was talking to online, until he found out that the girl he was talking to online was a Man, a pedophile. Boys too can be victims of sexual abuse, online and offline.

Recommended for teenage boys and parents

We proudly talk about our little ones being technology savvy, can we also talk to them about online safety?

(8:35 min/English)

This simple animated film will teach your young children (between 4 to 10 years of age) the importance of online safety. Online safety while playing games and surfing the internet should be of prime importance.

The same film is available with subtitles and actions for the deaf and dumb

Once you have showed them the film you can teach them this simple song about online safety



Daughter covers the issue of incest and can be used only by organizations focusing on child protection, which are able to provide adequate support and counselling to victims of abuse or refer to organizations that can provide appropriate counselling. Many organisations in India have appreciated the film because of the way in which it deals with the issue. It is used by many of our partners in their prevention trainings.

A Good Boy

A Good Boy covers the issue of child sexual abuse related to street children and can be used by organizations working in cities as well as by organizations working in rural areas from which children and families migrate to cities; once again, local groups showing the videos must be able to provide viable solutions to the problem (i.e. know which child protection NGOs, police task forces can be contacted in case of abuse, which emergency shelters are available, which NGOs can help street children in need, etc.)

Red Leaves Falling

Red Leaves Falling: covers the issue of child trafficking and internet pornography and can be used by all groups working with this initiative. Break the Silence provides training to the local groups to help facilitate discussion and maximize awareness. It also helps the local groups identify possible solutions to the problems faced by children and families (i.e. medical emergency, debt, grooming by traffickers etc. Each facilitator represents a point of first help must be able to provide direct support and/or refer to organizations, authorities that can provide viable assistance to these children and families.

All the three animation films are a part of the ‘Break the Silence’ kit created by Stairway Foundation in the Philippines.

Aarambh’s training on prevention of child sexual abuse is an adaption of the Break the Silence module. We use these films during our trainings and highly recommend them to organisations. The films are only shown after one or more people active in a specific community (teachers, health care providers, local authorities, outreach workers) have been trained in the module and are able to offer an effective solution and support to the victims.

Get trained and buy the ‘Break the Silence Prevention Kit’

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