As organisations working (directly or indirectly) with children, we should be accountable and committed to child protection, both within and outside.

We must look at our workforce, internal policies and systems to ensure that they are compliant with the fundamental principles of child protection.

The resources on this page can enhance the protective, uncompromisable and empowering environment we all give to our children.

Child Protection Checklist is the first step to look within our existing policies and practices.

Identifying Child Sexual Abuse: Recognize the Warning Signs of Child Sexual Abuse

There is a list of warning signs that you need to look out for if you suspect a case of child sexual abuse. Usually, the presence of more than one sign at a time can be indicative of sexual abuse.

Identifying Child Sexual Abuse: What to do when a Child tells you about Sexual Abuse

When a child chooses to tell you about an incident of sexual abuse, your immediate reaction is key to the child’s safety, well-being and recovery.

Child Protection Policy

Child Protection Policy is a document that highlights organizational position on child protection and mechanisms to protect children.

Child Protection Checklist

Does your organisation have

1361801780_monotone_check_yes_ok A Child Protection Policy

1361801780_monotone_check_yes_ok A Child Welfare Committee (which includes children)

1361801780_monotone_check_yes_ok A Child Protection Officer

1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okBackground Info/Police Clearance for Staff,Volunteers,Visitors

1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okWorkshops With Children & Others (Including Staff) on Child Protection Policy

1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okSystems to Reinforce Principles of Child Protection Among Your Team Members<

1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okSystems to Evaluate and Update Your Child Protection Policy

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How to make our Organizations Child Friendly and Child Safe

Below are some basic steps ensure child safety within our organisations. It is highly recommended that every organisation comes up with their own list that is best suited in the context in which they operate. 1) Screening of Staff and Volunteers Many organizations make the mistake of assuming that screening… Know More »

How to get started

Instituting Policies and Procedures in Order to make your Organization Child Friendly might be difficult to kick start. This comprehensive document by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention can give you a step-by-step frame of reference and understanding as to how to kick start and follow through with the process.… Know More »

Understanding Child Sexual Abuse

Aarambh has prepared simple easy to understand pointers on the issue of child sexual abuse in india and its legal aspects. These documents can be used to give your new employees and volunteers a quick orientation and it can be used as a handy tip-sheet. TO KNOW ABOUT THE CHILD… Know More »

The Safety Network

If you are a Child rights organization working anywhere in India, and have intervened in cases of Child Sexual Abuse or work dedicately on the issue we would like to know about you and feature you on this website. The safety network will help us work together. We can connect… Know More »

Trainings and Resources

We can help you organise a training and develop your child protection policy and systems. We can support you to ensure that your NGO is well resourced and connected to deal with cases of child sexual abuse. Write to us at