A sizable credit for awareness among the people in the country on Child Sexual Abuse goes to the media. Reporting can influence public opinion and policy. A sensitive, aware and responsible media can help make millions aware and engage actively with the issue.

This page will give you the basic knowledge on covering cases of sexual offences against children. It will provide you with the tools that can help you cover the right kind of stories, ethically and responsibly.

Know What The Law Says About Reporting Cases Of Child Sexual Abuse

The Protection of Children Against Sexual Offences Act, 2012 says

  • You shall not make a report or present comments on any child without having complete and authentic information
  • Your report should not lower the reputation of the child or infringe upon their privacy
  • You shall not disclose identity of the child including his name, address, photograph, family details, school, neighborhood or any details which may lead to disclosure of identity
  • Publisher or owner of media/studio/photographic facility will be liable for acts and omissions of the employee

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Tip Sheet to Reporting Sexual Violence

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The Hoot Guide to Reporting Rape in India

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POCSO’s Useful Definitions

Aarambh has prepared a short list of ‘useful definitions’ that you may use while reporting on Child Sexual Abuse. It covers the laws, mechanisms and terminology around child protection and child abuse in India. Child- Any person below the Age of 18 years Child Sexual Abuse- Child sexual abuse happens… Know More »