How to make our Organizations Child Friendly and Child Safe

Below are some basic steps ensure child safety within our organisations. It is highly recommended that
every organisation comes up with their own list that is best suited in the context in which they operate.

1) Screening of Staff and Volunteers

Many organizations make the mistake of assuming that screening is synonymous with criminal background checks. Read More

2) Policy Regarding Isolated, One-On-One Situations & Risk Assessment

Many organizations do not permit one-on-one situations, however if there is a need for one-on-one mentoring/tutoring/counseling, then clear guidelines should be established.

These guidelines must be communicated to the staff and the children. Read More

3) Prevention Training for Staff and Volunteers

A good child protection policy should require training that brings awareness about child sexual abuse and shifts adult attitudes about who is responsible for protecting children and what actions might be taken to protect children. Read More

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Plan for Reporting Suspected Abuse

Organizations should clearly articulate policy about how reports of suspected sexual abuse should be made and processed. There has to be a clear chain of command within the organization that will help streamline the reporting and maintain confidentiality for the child. Read more

The above list is taken from Darkness to Light . Also read, a list of common organizational misconceptions about Child safety