Red Leaves Falling

Red Leaves Falling: covers the issue of child trafficking and internet pornography and can be used by all groups working with this initiative. Break the Silence provides training to the local groups to help facilitate discussion and maximize awareness. It also helps the local groups identify possible solutions to the problems faced by children and families (i.e. medical emergency, debt, grooming by traffickers etc. Each facilitator represents a point of first help must be able to provide direct support and/or refer to organizations, authorities that can provide viable assistance to these children and families.

All the three animation films are a part of the ‘Break the Silence’ kit created by Stairway Foundation in the Philippines.

Aarambh’s training on prevention of child sexual abuse is an adaption of the Break the Silence module. We use these films during our trainings and highly recommend them to organisations. The films are only shown after one or more people active in a specific community (teachers, health care providers, local authorities, outreach workers) have been trained in the module and are able to offer an effective solution and support to the victims.

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