Web Comic: That Thing Called ‘Private’ Part I

Introducing the first episode of Aarambh’s first weekly web comic strip ‘That Thing Called Private‘.

A daughter Asks her father what private parts are? What will the father Do? Will he have the talk or will he pass the responsibility to the Mother?

We dedicate this comic to those intrepid parents who took on the challenge and had the ‘talk’ with their child & to those who are gathering the courage to begin the ‘talk’.

Talking to your children about body parts, sex and sexuality and personal safety can feel like the conversational equivalent of crossing a minefield. With blindfolds on. And chains around your ankles. With a grand piano strapped to your back.

It is never easy, but it is not impossible.

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3 Comments on “Web Comic: That Thing Called ‘Private’ Part I”

  1. Sapna N

    It’s absolutely possible..simple..mothers can show them places like vagina and chest place bump. .and say no one can touch you like this ..as if mother touches those place kids don’t feel awkward and they wld tke the words seriously..also kiss on their cheek and lips and say only daddy and mommy can do this no one else ..incase anyone else does any of this things yell mom..as you will get a surprise if you say..its better to make ur kids safe rather u feeling embarrassed

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