Bal Suraksha: Launching POCSO Infographics in Marathi

Aarambh’s POCSO infographics have been designed to simplify the complex processes and systems laid down under Law for Protection of Children From Sexual Offences (POSCO). We have taken key procedural elements and broken them down into a series of linear do-ables that have clear start and end points for the individual. Whenever the POCSO infographics...

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[aarambh talk] Learning From Cambodia

Visiting another country offers no dearth of, what those who work with children refer to as, ‘teachable moments’- unexpected events that provide the opportunity and set the scene for the delivering and imbibing of knowledge. Seizing the perfect moment can turn error into enlightenment. In our visit to beautiful Cambodia, there were times when we...

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Artistic Azaadi: An Online Exhibition

When Neel came to volunteer with Aarambh over the summer, we had planned for him to be working with our communications team. Within the first few days, we realized that his copious skills with pencil and paint could be passed on to the children at Prerana’s Centres. Soon, along with his communications work, Neel started...

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