Resources That You Should Tell Your Children About

1098: India’s Child Helpline POCSO e-box where you can report cases of child sexual abuse online.

Tarshi: We high recommend the purchase of their Guides to Sexuality Education:- Click here to download the Red Book (meant for 10 – 14 year olds) and the Blue Book (15 and older).

Agents of Ishq: A media initiative that creates topical & fun resources that deal with sex & sexuality. The most excellent Main aur Meri Body is a must watch for every child and parent.

A Free Coloring Book You Can Download and Help Your Child learn Personal Safety by The Nirmal Initiative

Amaze: Creators of fun colorful videos on sex education for children of all ages

Emily Gordon’s Rookie Magazine Articles 

Crowdsourced List of Trusted Indian Gynecologists

Crowdsourced List of Trusted Mental Health Professionals

List of Amazing Indian Books to Take Children Through Sex Education and Puberty

The Safety Network: A List of Organizations Across the Country and Internationally That Work on the Issue.

The Video Page: A collection of Videos from across the Internet on various aspects of the issue

The Internet Hotline: If your child stumbles across a sexually explicit photo or video of a child online, they should report the same on




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