Early Childhood: A Colouring Book to Help Your Child Learn Personal Safety

Personal Safety is as simple as A-B-C. The wonderfully practical ‘All Children Have a Right To Safety’ coloring book (in English & Hindi) developed by Nirmal Initiative, Vrindavan is designed help adults engage their children in a serious discussion about personal safety in a manner which is easy, creative and fun.

Read the book by clicking on the window below. Click on the pages to magnify view.

Download a printable pdf version of the book by clicking the thumbnail below.

Right to Safety Colouring Book   child's right to protection colouring book hindi

(As a caring adult all we need is a ‘WILL’ to protect children along with a little guidance, the time to communicate the safety rules to them, and to believe in them. Protecting children is a shared responsibility. Through this coloring book caring adults can engage with the children around them to talk about personal safety as a sincere yet a fun activity.

In order to make the world a violence-free place for our children, we need to take the first step at our individual level. All of us are in capacity to do a bit to protect the children. Please take the printouts, engage with the children around you, and share it with as many caring adults as possible- a message from the Nirmal Initiative, Vrindavan)

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