Spot Identification

Things to Know When Pursuing Justice for Child Victims of Sexual Offences

Spot Identification



Spot Identification is when the child is taken to the physical space where the offence was committed (location of the crime). The child is expected to identify the exact spaces as well narrate the incidences that took place in these spaces.

This takes place in the presence of 5 govt. officials who sign off as witnesses (panchnama).

Time Taken for the Procedure:

Anywhere between 2 to 5 hours not counting the travel and waiting period.

At What Stage does this Happen?

The identification parade can take place any-time after 30-60 days of the recording of the initial complaint.

Is it Mandatory?

Yes. The child’s statement at the time of spot identification can go a long way in helping prosecute the accused.

Where does spot identification parade take place?

Spot Identification takes place at the location where the offence was committed.

Things You Must Take With You

Carry food & water for the child

Carrying coloring books, children’s books, some toys, video games helps in case the child is made to wait and grows restless.

If you are a parent, carry a valid identification proof.

If you are a support person, carry the CWC order appointing you as support person along with valid identification proof.

How to Speak To the Child about Spot Identification

Describe to the child the process in detail so that the child knows what to expect.

Tell them that they will be taken to the location where the incident happened. Tell them that they need to point out the spaces where the offences took place and narrate the incident.

Tell them that you will be present, as well as other trusted adults and that the police would be there. And that they would be absolutely safe.

Tell them that this will help the police catch the accused. Listen to what the child has to say and respond positively and appropriately.

Before Spot Identification:

Ensure that the police do not turn up in a police vehicle or uniform.

During Spot Identification:

Take permission from the police for you and the trusted adult to be with the child.

During Spot Identification, it has been noticed that friends/relatives/well-wishers of the accused may congregate and try to intimidate the child.

Remain alert and intimate the police of any suspicious activity and ensure that they deal with it.

Neither you nor the trusted adult must prompt the child while the spot identification is underway. Only the police are permitted to ask questions.

If the child is feeling too stressed to undergo the identification, you may ask the police for a later date.

Take permission from the police for you and the trusted adult to be with the child.

After Spot Identification

Ensure that the child is taken to the park or somewhere where they can unwind, relax and take their mind away from the case.

Talk to the child and allow the child to ventilate. Listen actively and respond gently and appropriately.

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