The Parent, The Teacher And the Adolescent: A Sex Education Flipbook

Going through the archives of our mothership Prerana, we found this stunning flipbook issued by the Family Planning Association of India. The purpose of the flipbook is to ‘help the parent, teacher, family planning worker and the peer group leader to discuss common problems of sexuality among youth’.

It is hard to say when this book was created. But considering that it was edited by ‘sexpert’ Dr. Mahinder C. Watsa, who as per his wikipedia profile, worked at the Family Planning Association of India somewhere between mid 70s to early 80s. We are assuming that the book was created sometime in that period.

Considering the years that have passed, very little of the content seems to have dated. While its sepia tones and fraying edges may lend itself to nostalgia, the content of the pages remain as relevant as ever.

It is a near classic in the spotted history of the country’s tryst with sex education and we are happy to reproduce it.

Click on the first picture and use the arrow keys to navigate. The download link is given below.

Editor: Dr. Mahinder C. Waysa
Concept & Text: Mrs. Miriam Thomas
Visuals: Dr/ Balachandra Kadam
Produced by: Family Planning Association of India


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