Standard Age Appropriate Safety Measures

Safety Messages, Boundaries and Rules Need to evolve as your child grows and develops. Some age-appropriate suggestion have been listed below.

Internet Safety For Early Childhood
  • Start Early
  • Be around your child when they sit on the computer.
  • Don’t use technology as a babysitter
  • Be responsive to what your child shows you online
  • Teach them how to use the Internet
  • Know the gadgets/sites your child uses
  • Do your homework
  • Turn on the Safety Settings on Google and your Operating Softwares (Windows/Mac).
  • Talk to your children about
    •Public v/s private information: Don’t overshare. Watch what you are sharing online.
    •Keeping Smart usernames
    •What out for who contacts You Online
Internet Safety for Young Children
  • Learns to Trust them
  • They clearly know more about the online space than you. Make sure you remain engaged with them by learning from them.
  • Tell them that ff they won’t do it face to face, don’t do it online
  • Talk to them about:
    – Pornography
    – Sexting
    – Body image & Well being
  • Watch out for Excessive Use
  • Hand them their budgets as you would their pocket-money.

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