The Comprehensive School Safety Checklist

Do you want to assess how safe your school is for the children who study in it?

The following safety checklists for schools have been prepared by the CBSE. Print it out and go through it to find out the aspects of school safety that your institution has covered and those that you need to work on.

1361801780_monotone_check_yes_ok Does the school have a strong policy statement against child abuse and exploitation?
1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okHas the staff being trained to be alert to signs of abuse?
1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okIs there a procedure for checking on staff before they are allowed to work with the children?
1361801780_monotone_check_yes_ok Is there a child protection policy which includes procedures to be followed ateacher or another member of staff is accused of harming a child?
1361801780_monotone_check_yes_ok Does the school provide an going training and development for staff to address their responsibilities to protect children from abuse?
1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okIs there a regular counselor on school roll?
1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okDoes the school inform and consult parents and encourage the participation of families in child protection issues?
1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okIs there a rehabilitation program to restore the self –esteem of abused children?
1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okAre the children being taught the ‘kinds of touches’?
1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okIs the child being helped to understand his right over his own body especially, the right to say ‘No’?
1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okDo the children enjoy an enabling environment and are they encouraged to share their personal confidence with the teachers?
1361801780_monotone_check_yes_ok Does the school provide workshops by medical experts and counselors on adolescence related issues?
1361801780_monotone_check_yes_ok Does the school provide a sensitive platform for building self – esteem an communication skills among children?

1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okAre the children being given enough guidance on managing emotions and building healthy peer relationships?
1361801780_monotone_check_yes_ok Are children being sensitized to recognize and practice negative peer pressure?
1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okAre they taught skills to manage anger and stress?
1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okAre they being given positive reinforcement to stay away from criticism, rude language, gossiping and trivial matters that may lead to violence?
1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okDoes the school address the issues of bullying, harassment and prejudice against children?
1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okDo the teachers try to make their influence positive and is there an atmosphere of connectedness?
1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okIs there a strict monitoring of theft,graffiti and social cliques to handle crimes?
1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okIs the school building and ground well maintained?
1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okDo the students feel safe reporting crime and safety problems to staff?
1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okAre the disciplinary and safety problems quickly addressed?
1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okAre there enough programmers’ conducted on AIDS –Awareness, Anti –tobacco and Anti- Drugs environment?
1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okAre there stress management workshops, yoga classes and meditation sessions for students and teachers?
1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okIs there a happy learning ambiance in school?
1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okIs there a strict restriction on corporal punishment and emotional harassment of students by teachers?
1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okIs there enough academic guidance provided to low achievers and children with special needs?

1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okDoes the school maintain Health cards?
1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okDoes the school keep the medical records of students with special health problems?
1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okDo parents communicate their children’s health issues in schools?
1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okDoes the school have a qualified full – time doctor/ nurse in the school?
1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okIs there a doctor-on-call for emergency?
1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okHas the school tied up with a local hospital within two kilometers?
1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okIs the medical room fully equipped to handleall emergencies?
1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okIs there a first – aid box placed at every floor of the building?
1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okDoes the school carry out annual medical checkup of all the students?
1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okIs the school staff sensitized to understand the genuine health problems of the children?
1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okHave the teachers undergone basic training courses on counseling, first-aid and identification of disabilities?
1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okDoes the school have a ‘Health and Wellness Club’?
1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okIs there an emphasis on intake of balanced diet by the students and is the consumption of junk food discouraged?
1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okDoes the school follow the mid –day meal plan?
1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okIs there a dietician and meal planner on school panel?
1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okDo the teachers have their meals with the students and monitor their eating habits? Is the chemistry lab equipped to handle common emergencies?
1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okIs the health climate being fostered in school?
1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okAre the First –Aid protocols for common injuries displayed at different places in school?
1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okDoes the school call medical experts from time to time to sensitize the students and teachers?
1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okHas the school constituted a parent –teacher –students committee to address the safety needs of the students?
1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okDoes the school have proper sewage, drainage and garbage disposal arrangements?
1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okIs there proper facility for safe drinking water with adequate number of water taps?
1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okAre the auditorium, assembly hall, gymnasium all free from hazardous fixtures and with adequate light and ventilation?
1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okIs the access to school building by outsiders controlled and are visitors monitored?
1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okAre all the areas in school safe by design or by staff supervision?
1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okDoes the staff actively supervise students both inside and outside the classroom?
1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okDo the benches have sharp edges?
1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okAre windows fixed with proper railings?
1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okAre the washrooms hygienic and disinfectants kept away from the reach of children?
1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okAre the electrical appliances maintained and is there a quality check on them?
1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okAre the secluded corners, corridors and staircases kept under watch by staff members during lunch breaks and at the time of dispersal?
1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okAre there ramps and wheel –chairs for differently abled students or teachers?
1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okAre the parents connected with messaging system or mobile phone networking?
1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okIs the medical history of every student available in the school?
1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okAre the special records like blood groups, allergies and medication that need to prescribed frequently updated with parental support?
1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okAre the physical education instructors sensitive enough to involve students in sports according to their physical capabilities and health related issues?
1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okIs the Sports Room well –ventilated and well –equipped to handle common sports injuries?
1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okAre the school playgrounds, swings, rides, sports-equipments etc. safe?
1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okHave the schools buses passed the safety test?
1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okIs there a teacher on board and a helper accompanying the children in school buses?
1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okAre the school buses equipped with First –Aid boxes, drinking water and mobile phones?
1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okAre the elevators and exit ways examined periodically and on daily basis?
1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okAre the laboratories safe and spacious enough for hazard free learning?

1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okAre there enough exits and entry points, staircases to be used in the case of emergency?
1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okIs the evacuation plan displayed at different places in the building?
1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okDo the students and staff members know and understand the evacuation plan toavoid stampede in case of a disaster?
1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okIs the school premise under surveillance by the Principal through CCTVs?
1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okIs there a provision for legal alternatives and advice?
1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okHas the staff been trained to respond in case of an emergency?
1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okDo the students and staff members know how to use fire –extinguishers?
1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okAre there enough fire –extinguishers installed at sensitive places?
1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okAre the floors, stairways and railings safe?
1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okAre CPR and first –aid classes held at periodic intervals for staff and students?
1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okAre the drain hole pipes,and water tanks covered properly?
1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okAre there fire-alarms and smoke-alarms installed at different places?
1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okAre the disaster management drills and evacuation plans practiced from time to time?
1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okIs there provision for well –equipped ambulance in case of emergencies or during any disaster?
1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okAre the protocols to be followed in case of emergencies displayed at different places in the building?
1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okAre the teachers and paramedical staff trained to provide artificial breathing and artificial resuscitation?
1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okCan the Fire Service, Ambulance Service, Police Service or any other Community Service be contacted by dialing?
1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okIs the school equipped with a Public Address System to make emergency announcements?
1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okIs there a stable Disaster management Plan which is updated regularly?
1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okIs there a School Disaster Response Team consisting of administration members, teachers and senior students?
1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okIs there a universal language understood by everyone in school?
1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okIs the school staff sensitized to address the trauma and post –disaster interventions?
1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okIs the Principal capable enough to take one or many crucial decisions in case of a disaster?
1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okIs the school equipped with school security technologies?
1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okIs the school’s design safe to handle terrorist attacks?
1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okIs the school handling media briefing and updates without sensationalization?
1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okIs the safety and security checklist used for planning and designing new facilities or assessing existing ones?
1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okIs the safety and security checklist of schoolupdated frequently?
1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okIs there a well –equipped disaster management cell in school?

1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okIs the access to computer rooms and technological usage under monitoring of teachers?
1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okIs there proper handling of e- waste?
1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okIs there Internet Security for children?
1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okAre cyber – crimes handled with sensitivity?
1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okAre parents and children provided enough awareness on safe usage of technology and how to avoid taking risks?
1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okIs cyber –bullying handled with utmost care?
1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okAre Social Networking sites blocked during school hours?
1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okAre parents and children provided enough awareness on safe usage of technology and how to avoid taking risks?
1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okIs cyber –bullying handled with utmost care?

(Source:Quarterly Bulletin of CBSE)