Child Sexual Abuse Material

Child Sexual Abuse Material is the preferable alternative to using the team ‘Child Pornography’. It refers to material/content (videos/images/text/audio) depicting acts of sexual abuse against a child. Material depicting child is sexually explicit positions as well as those focusing explicitly on genitalia of a child may also be considered Child Sexual Abuse Material.

How is merely Watching/Accessing Child Sexual Abuse Material bed for a child?

  • The very nature of the child sexual abuse imagery presupposes that a child was abused in the production on the content.
  • It is an extremely lucrative criminal industry and demand results in supply, which results in further children being abused.
  • It is used by perpetrators to desensitize children whom they are grooming for abuse.
  • Impact is worse if images are shared and responded too by bullying and teasing from peers and blame and rejection by parents and adults.

What You Can Do

Under the law, browsing for, storing, watching, selling, producing, transmitting child sexual abuse material is a criminal activity.

If you stumble across, Child Sexual Abuse Imagery on the Public Internet report on Aarambh India’s Internet Hotline at

If it is not on the public internet but on an encrypted messaging app on your mobile, you need to approach law enforcement. Click here to access the information on CyberCells in India.

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