Assessing the Progress of a Child

Periodic assessment of the child’s progress can help you better evaluate and support the child’s future needs.

The Assessment Kit:-

1. How is the case progressing?

2. What is the general emotional tone of the family?

3. How is the relationship of the family with the child and within the parents?

4. Make a note of where the family is in the five stages of grief- shock, denial, anger, sadness, resolution.

5. Find out the role of the extended family. Are they supportive, are they destructive?

6. How is the culture and tradition of the family influencing their actions and the steps that they are taking in healing from the trauma of sexual abuse?

7. If the family is very religious, what explanation are they giving for why the sexual abuse occurred. Is it a scientific, cultural or religious explanation?

8. Is the child going to school? How is the child adjusting to the environment around since the sexual abuse?

9. How is the case progressing in the courts?

10. How is the resilience of the family? Gauge their capacity to not just survive but thrive in difficult circumstances.

11. Address fears of both child and parents.

12. In a HIV positive child, ask how they perceive this effects their future. Talk about their future goals and what they want to do and give the support they need to know their limitations as well their possibilities.

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