Responsibility of The Police (Local Police and/or Special Juvenile Police Unit)

Section 19

• Every report of an offence, committed or likely to be committed under this Act must be ascribed an entry number and recorded in writing

• The report should be read over to the informant

• Shall be entered in a book to be kept by the Police Unit

• The report shall be recorded in simple language so that the child can understand the contents being recorded

• If the child doesn’t understand the language in which the report is being recorded then police should take the help of a translator or interpreter

• In cases where the SJPU feels that the child victim is is need of care and protection, they must record the reasons in writing, and immediately make arrangements for care and protection of the child within 24 hours of the report (it included residential care or admission to the nearest hospital)

• The SJPU or Police shall alert without unnecessary delay but within a period 24 hours report the matter to the Child Welfare Committee and the Special Court, the report must include the steps taken in regarding children in need of care and protection.