Pre-Teens: Onset of Puberty

Puberty is the process through which a child’s body matures into an adult body capable of sexual reproduction. It involves many physical and emotional changes. It is essential that the children should be told and be aware of these changes before their onset. Pre-Teens are a good time to have the talk about the onset of puberty.

In girls, puberty brings about

  • growth spurts
  • weight gain
  • development of breasts
  • growth of body hair including pubic hair
  • onset of menstrual bleeding
  • excessive perspiration
  • increased oiliness of skin and hair
  • slight changes in color and shape of genitalia
  • vaginal discharge

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In boys, puberty brings about

  • growth spurt
  • body odor
  • acne, broadening of chest & shoulders
  • changing of voice
  • appearance of facial, body and pubic hair
  • increase in size of genitals
  • retraction of foreskin
  • onset of the ability to gain erection and ejaculate

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The Emotional Changes During Puberty include:

  • Feeling overly sensitive – easily irritable, angry and depressed.
  • Looking for an identity – figuring out how you are different from others.
  • Feeling uncertain (eg:- about the future)
  • Feeling peer pressure
  • Conflicting and confused thoughts
  • Frequent and Maybe Extreme Mood swings
  • Feeling conscious about self
  • Getting sexual feelings

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