Guidelines and Protocols: Ministry of Health & Family Welfare: Medico-Legal Care for Survivors/Victims


To build health workers’ capacity to respond to cases of sexual assault in a sensitive and comprehensive manner, The Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India in collaboration with the ngo CEHAT and WHO has adapted the Guidelines for medico-legal care for victims of sexual violence to an India-specific context.

The aim of these guidelines is to improve professional health services for all victims of sexual violence by providing:

• Health care workers with the knowledge and skills that are necessary for the management of victims of sexual violence;
• Standards for the provision of both health care and forensic services to victims of sexual violence;
• Guidance on the establishment of health and forensic services for victims of sexual violence.

The protocols have included guidelines not just for women and children but also for groups like sex workers, trans persons etc. The document hopes bring about a certain degree of uniformity in approaching, treating and documenting cases of sexual violence.

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