Does the Institution Your Child Study in have a Child Protection Policy?

The understanding around Child protection is still emerging in India. It is important for parents and caregivers to ensure that children are protected in playschools, nurseries, schools, creches and at homes. 

Child Protection Checklist

Whether or not the institution has a child protection system needs to be a consideration when you are thinking about enrolling your child.

Ticking through following checklist can help you evaluate the institution.

Does the Institution Have:

1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okA Child Protection Policy (to know more about CPPs click here)

1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okA  Counselor

1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okA Child Welfare Committee (which includes children)

1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okA Child Protection Officer

1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okBackground Info/Police Clearance for Staff, Volunteers, Visitors

1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okRegular Workshops With Children & Staff) on Child Protection Policy

1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okA Grievance Redressal system to handle complaints

1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okSystem to Reinforce Principles of Child Protection Among Your Team Members

1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okSystem to Evaluate and Update Your Child Protection Policy

1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okSuggestion Boxes

If you have ticked every box in the checklist the organizational policy is active and up-to-date.

Click here to download the Child Protection Checklist.

Additional Links:

The following link can guide on what to look out for, what questions to ask and what you must expect to hear from a responsible institution.
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If your child is the sporty kind it is extremely important to teach them to safeguard themselves at institutions, training sessions and camps. The following page tells you how you can enable your child to be aware, maintain boundaries and stay safe in sports.
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