Department of Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of NCT of Delhi, Guidelines for rapid response by hospitals in case of MLC examination of victims of sexual assault, 28 January 2013.

1. When the victims of sexual assault are brought to the hospitals by the police or otherwise for MLC and treatment , it should be done “promptly and without delay’’.
2. As the victims of sexual assault are traumatised and their physical condition and state of mind are unstable, handling of their case required sensitivity, empathy and compassion. Therefore, the examining doctor must throughout remain re-assuring, empathetic and sensitive to the victim and should also provide due privacy.
3. In order to provide privacy to the victim, a separate room should be identified by the director/medical superintendent and marked in all hospitals where the victims can be examined by the attending doctor.
4. The room number should be known to the doctors in emergency duty. Room should have proper furniture required for medica examination. Basic equipments, adequate stock of sexual assault forensic evidence (SAFE) kit etc., should be kept available in the room for collection of the forensic evidence.
5. The hospital should also provide clothing to the victim in case the victim’s clothes are taken as evidence or action otherwise required fresh clothes to be given.
6. The hospital should also provide toiletries to the victim after the MLC examination has been concluded.
7. Director or medical superintendent will arrange periodic training sessions to the doctors on the protocols and guidelines on the MLC examinations/reporting in case of sexual assault victims.
8. Officials are required to organise sensitisation workshop for hospital staff, and medical and paramedical staff in collaboration with the Delhi Commission for Women.
9. In case where counselling of the victim is required, the same should be provided by the hospital’s own pool of doctors and if that is not available, then the Crisis Intervention Centre, which provides counsellor should be informed.
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