About The Law- POCSO

Protection Of Children against Sexual Offences Act received the President’s assent on 19 June 2012 and was notified in the Gazette of India on 20 June 2012. It is one off the most comprehensive laws on child protection in the world.

Who is a child victim?
Section 2 (d): A victim of sexual offences could be a Girl or a Boy below 18 years of age

Who is the accused?
Any person, male or female , Indian or foreigner, who commits a sexual offence i.e. sexual assault (Section 7), sexual harassment (Section 11) or uses the child for pornographic purpose (Section 13) is a offender.
The punishment for abetment is as severe as the punishment for accused.

Who deserves more punishment?
The law has a provision to classify offences as Aggravated in nature depending on the person who is committing the act, the condition of the child, the nature of the offence and the impact of the offence.

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