Safety Checklist For Institution


Background check and police verification of all staff members and management of schools and child care institutions. This     includes agencies who have been contracted for transport, cleanliness etc.

1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okA full time counsellor and a child protection officer in your institution who are dedicated to overseeing any form of violation of the child protection policy and provide immediate assistance to students.


Regular training of all staff members including the management on child protection from sexual offences

1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okTeachers must take monthly sessions on personal safety with all children (this includes online safety). Talking about sex, sexuality and prevention of sexual abuse should be part of your school activities. Please refer below for details.

1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okEngaging in active dialogue with parents on issues of personal safety of children will help you ensure that parents are aware of the issues faced by children at school or in their homes.