Recognise Warning Signs of Sexual Abuse

There is a list of warning signs that you need to look out for if you suspect a case of child sexual abuse. Usually, the presence of more than one sign at a time can be indicative of sexual abuse.

The following list was adapted from the ‘List of Warning Signs’ created by FACSE.

1361801780_monotone_check_yes_ok Loneliness and withdrawn behavior

1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okShort attention span and failure to concentrateDrop in school performance and grades

1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okDrop in school performance and grades

1361801780_monotone_check_yes_ok Depression anxiety and sudden mood swings

1361801780_monotone_check_yes_ok Avoidance of a particular person /place /situation

1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okCringing from being touched

1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okEmotional outbursts

1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okAbusive aggressive behavior

1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okBed wetting / Thumb sucking / Nail biting

1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okDisturbed sleep / Change in sleep pattern

1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okSudden use of sexual words and sexualized behavior

1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okIrritation in throat, anal area, genitalia

1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okTemper tantrums, hysterical behavior

1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okSelf harm and sexual harm to other children



1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okRepeated Urinary Tract Infection and Sexually Transmitted Diseases


1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okSuicidal behavior

1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okShoddy appearance and poor general hygiene.

1361801780_monotone_check_yes_okMarks of violence

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Note: This is not an exhaustive list.